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Yang Jiang’s Publications

Senior Research Associate, Demographer
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NCCP Publications

Other Publications

  • Hernández, Diana, Yang Jiang, Douglas Phillips, Daniel Carrión, and Yumiko Aratani. “Housing Hardship and Energy Insecurity among Native Born and Immigrant Low-Income Families with Children in the United States.” Journal of Children and Poverty.
  • Thornton, A., S. Achen, J. Barber, G. Binstock, W. Garrison, D. Ghimire, W. Guangzhou, R. Inglehart, R. Jayakody, Y. Jiang, J. de Jong, R. Lesthaeghe, S. Mehenna, C. Mitchell, M. Moaddel, M.B. Ofstedal, N. Schwarz, Y. Xie, L.S. Yang, L. Young-DeMarco, and K. Yount. 2010 “Process and Method for Creating Questions and Protocols for an International Study of Developmental Idealism, Developmental Thinking, and Family Life.” In Survey Methods in Multinational, Multiregional and Multicultural Contexts, edited by M. Braun, B. Edwards, J. Harkness, T. Johnson, L. Lyberg, P. Mohler, B.E. Pennell, and T.W. Smith. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley and Sons.
  • Xie, Yu, Yang Jiang, and Emily Greenman. “Did Send-Down Experience Benefit Youth? A Reevaluation of the Social Consequences of Forced Urban-Rural Migration during China’s Cultural Revolution.” Social Science Research 37: 686-700.