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Yumiko Aratani’s Publications

Director, Health and Mental Health
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NCCP Publications

Other Publications

  • Hernández, Diana, Yang Jiang, Douglas Phillips, Daniel Carrión, and Yumiko Aratani. “Housing Hardship and Energy Insecurity among Native Born and Immigrant Low-Income Families with Children in the United States.” Journal of Children and Poverty.
  • Cooper, Janice and Yumiko Aratani. “By What Yardstick Should We Measure Success in Child Welfare Policy?" Forthcoming in Child Welfare 360.
  • Aratani, Yumiko and Janice Cooper. “The Effects of Runaway-homeless Episodes on High School Dropout". Forthcoming in Youth and Society.
  • Aratani, Yumiko and Janice Cooper. 2012. “Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Continuation of Community-Based Children’s Mental Health Services.” The Journal of Behavioral Health Service and Research. 39, Issue 2: 116-129
  • Aratani, Yumiko, Skinner, Curtis and Susan W. Schwarz. 2011. “The Economic Impact of Adolescent Health Promotion Policies and Programs.” Adolescent Medicine: State of the Art Reviews (AM:STARs): 022:361-380.
  • Aratani, Yumiko. 2011. “Socio-demographic Variations of Homeowners and Differential Effects of Parental Home Ownership on Offspring’s Housing Tenure.” Housing Studies: 26 (July):5: 723-746.
  • Wight, Vanessa, Michelle Chau, Kalyani Thampi and Yumiko Aratani. 2010. “Examining the Landscape of Child Poverty in the U.S. Today.” Current Problems in Pediatric and Adolescent Health Care 40(10):263–266.
  • Aratani, Yumiko. 2010. "Racial Differences, Housing Assistance, and Socioeconomic Attainment among Low-Income Families." Social Science Research. 36(6): 1108–1125.
  • Cooper, Janice L.; Aratani, Yumiko. 2009. "The Status of Policies to Support Evidence-based Practices in Children's Mental Health." Psychiatric Services. 60(December):1672-1675.